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Transpo has been proudly serving customers since 1973. We aim to deliver innovative solutions, outstanding services, and exceptional values. Our commitment is to deliver the quality. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Services by Transpo

Transpo Logistics offers comprehensive, end-to-end supply chain solutions to domestic and international clients. In transportation, we offer freight brokerage, less-than-truckload, last mile logistics, intermodal transport, drayage, expedited ground and air shipping, global freight forwarding, and managed transportation. In logistics, we offer highly engineered and customized services including project moving, dedicated and shared warehousing, reverse logistics, storage, factory support, aftermarket support, and trade compliance. We have dedicated teams for trade show events and fine arts moving, as well as disciplined processes in place for the movement of high-value, high-security goods.   We offer a single point of contact for all your logistics needs and our well-trained specialists will work closely with you to deliver world-class service and solutions that will give you a competitive advantage.

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Why Transpo

Exceptional Service

At Transpo Logistics, there is nothing we value more than providing our customers with an exceptional service experience over the course of every transaction.  We understand the importance of having a freight company you can trust with precious cargo and strict timelines.  We also recognize each client has unique needs, so we try to provide personalized service solutions that are simple, reliable, and economical. We have an ongoing commitment to continually improve in order to enhance the customer experience.  Because of that, we are continuously investing in and upgrading our warehouses, IT infrastructure, fleet management systems, and customer facing solutions. We have dedicated account teams that work for you 24/7.  Exceptional service, attention to detail, and total dependability are things you can expect from our professionals.

Innovative Solutions

Changing market dynamics, advances in technology, and increased customer demands have made it even more important to respond quickly with innovative solutions.  At Transpo Logistics, we make an effort to analyze and understand our customers’ needs in order to propose differentiated and advanced logistics products and services. We work closely with our clients to develop and implement strategies that incorporate best practice methodologies and the latest technologies.  By doing this, we aim to improve efficiency of operations, simplify processes, shorten the supply chain, and trims costs.  We also utilize extensive business intelligence tools to capture, measure, and analyze performance metrics in order to optimize results.

Local Market Expertise

Having operated in Thailand for over 40 years, Transpo Logistics has a deep understanding of the local market environment supported by a proven track record of success.  Our management team is comprised of seasoned industry veterans with extensive experience operating within the transportation and logistics industry. Our local market expertise allows us to manage the complexities of international trade and global compliance.  Our understanding of Thai law and regulations allows us to provide the appropriate business support to our customers.  We can help implement an effective trade compliance program to  protect risk by properly screening new vendors and customers; applying for licenses to import and export goods; and ensuring all requirements are met regarding imports and exports.

Industries we work with

Transpo’s expertise and experience within industry verticals allows us to meet complex and evolving customer requirements. We’re able to provide solutions that incorporate best practices to not only achieve operating objectives, but also increase efficiency and capture cost savings.


The complexity of the automotive industry supply chain requires expertise in supply chain management, process planning, and operations efficiency.  Delivery of components must be coordinated to ensure a smooth manufacturing and assembly process.  Our services include inbound procurement, production logistics, service parts distribution, and finished vehicle transportation.  Our specialists can also provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements.


Transpo Logistics has a dedicated team to meet the time sensitive needs of our aviation customers.  We develop and deliver customized solutions for airlines and other companies across the entire industry supply chain.  We provide MRO services and assist with order fulfillment, transportation, and inventory management.  We also provide comprehensive 24/7 AOG services, including support for critical and regular movement of parts, spares, and equipment.


The chemical supply chain comprises products that require special care in handling, transporting, and storing to prevent safety hazards such as combustion, contamination, and spoilage.  The high-risk nature of the business requires extra flexibility and adaptability.  Our team has the expertise required to efficiently manage the supply chain while adhering to the strictest safely and environmental regulations.

Consumer Goods

Leading consumer brands need to move large quantities of merchandise quickly through distribution channels.  We help our partners manage high stock turnover by optimizing ordering, picking, loading, and transportation operations.  By effectively managing dynamic supply chains of increasing complexity and shorter product lifecycles, we’re able to help our partners meet seasonal demand and access new distribution channels.


The food and beverage supply chain has very specific requirements and priorities regarding hygiene, temperature control, and inventory rotation.  We provide support for all stages of food and beverage production, from storage and handling of raw materials to the distribution of finished goods.  You can count on us for the reliable and efficient transportation of finished and unfinished food products, whether they be dry, fresh, or frozen.  Our range of services includes production supply, production disposal, goods acceptance, coldstore logistics, and picking.


We have extensive supply chain experience in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and equipment, and related healthcare industries.  Our specialized knowledge of the industry ensures regulatory compliance.  For pharmaceuticals, we can provide compliant storage cases and vaults, cold chain management, packaging and order fulfillment, and recall management.  For medical equipment, we offer a complete range of highly-coordinated shipping, warehousing, and project management services with the guarantee that products will be handled with the utmost precision and care.


We offer a range of logistics services to industrial facilities, factories, and distribution centers looking to relocate heavy equipment and inventory.  Industrial equipment had heavy machinery present their own set of challenges, being big investments, having longer lead times, and often requiring special handling that is flexible and low cost.  Our specialists can help coordinate the maintenance, removal, shipping, and re-installation of any variety of industrial equipment.

Oil and Gas

Transpo Logistics offers the oil and gas industry a suite of solutions across the entire supply chain and has a strong track record of servicing the world’s largest companies in the industry.  We offer both turnkey and tailor-made solutions that cover everything from supplying materials for oil rigs to moving heavy equipment and hazardous materials. Transporting products requires special equipment, strict regulatory compliance, and extensive safety procedures.  We are particularly committed to safety, security, health, and environmental compliance.


The retail market is increasingly competitive, with consumers demanding products that not only meet cost and quality expectations, but that will be available when and where they want them.  Scalability and the capacity to meet high demand are essential in a logistics partner for the fast-paced retail industry.  We understand the unique challenges involved and can provide solutions that offer better performance, lower costs, and greater flexibility.  We also offer specialized trade show and exhibition services that includes all management, coordination, exhibit handling, and transportation requirements.


Consumer electronics and industrial electronic components have long and complicated supply chains that require extra care due to the high value and fragile nature of the product.  Handling semiconductors, communications equipment, and high-tech electronic accessories entails strict quality and cleanliness standards.  At our facilities, production components and finished goods and are carefully stored, consolidated, and packed.  We can ensure timely supply and delivery from suppliers both domestically and internationally.

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Many of them leaders in their own industries – are a reflection of our own commitment to excellence. A sampling of our client list includes the following companies: