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Our Privacy Policy

Transpo Logitics Ltd. (the Company) respects the privacy of our customers and is committed to its protection. This notice summarizes our policies
and practices. Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will remain strictly confidential, accessible only to necessary parties, adjustable and
revokable at any time, and never used for any purpose other than completing the services. Transpo Logitics Ltd. fully complies with the Thailand
Personal Data Protections Act 2019 (PDPA).

Examples of personal data (information)

We collect our customer’s full name, contact numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, passport details and work permits.

Why we collect this personal data

In order to process shipments, it is necessary to collect personal information from the customer’s and/or his/her agent so that we can complete
the steps to enter and complete our services. For example, for international shipments, we collect copies of passports and work permits to
facilitate customs clearance and delivery. For domestic moves, we collect details on new residential addresses and contact numbers to enable
our team to provide service.

Customer’s choice and consent

Our customer has the right to request information about the handling of his/her personal data. Our customer has the right to ask the Company
to rectify, to not disclose, to restrict access and/or to delete his/her personal data. Our customer also has the right to object to the processing of
his/her data by the Company in some circumstances and, where we have asked for consent to process his/her data, to withdraw that consent. If
our customer asks to withdraw their consent, we will destroy and delete relevant personal information as soon as possible. If he would like
information on any of the aforementioned rights, please contact us anytime.

How and when we collect customer’s personal information

Our customers typically submit documents with personal data by email, fax and other means. We collect that information when our customers
request for our services.

Use, retention and disposal We limit the use of our customer’s personal information only to enable the Company to provide our services. We
only retain personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the data is intended. We destroy any documents with personal
data in accordance with our applicable laws.


We limit access to our customer’s personal data only to our properly trained and authorized employees and third parties. Personal information
is never to be sold, lent or leased to third parties.

Disclosure to third parties

We keep our customer’s personal information confidential but, from time‐to‐time, we may provide personal information to third parties only for
the purposes identified in this notice. Such third parties may include local and overseas governmental authorities, customs brokers, or persons
to whom we are required to make disclosures in order to complete customs clearance of shipment. When we do disclose any of our customer’s
personal information to third parties, we do so under a duty of confidentiality.

Data security

We store our shipper’s personal data electronically under password‐protection. We only permit our authorized employees to access personal
data. These employees are trained and familiar with The Company’s privacy policies.


The Company commits to maintain accurate, complete, and relevant personal information for the purposes identified in this notice.

Monitoring and enforcement

We take appropriate actions to monitor and maintain our customer’s personal data, and we implement any and all reasonable security
measures to maintain the safety of our customer’s personal data.

We will not use our customer’s personal data for direct marketing via email, direct mail, telephone and other similar means of communication
unless we have his/her prior consent.

We value your opinions. If you have comments or questions about privacy policy, please send them to hr@transpologistics.com.

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